The future looks ‘appy’ for broadband connected homes

Startling take-up rates says that for smart devices the future is now

News @ CSIRO


The app journey so far Source: CSIRO

You’ve heard of the Ice Age but have you heard of the ‘App Age’? Today we’ve released research from our ‘Broadband Connected Homes’ report which suggests the next generation of broadband-enabled applications will be more about connecting households to new sensors and cloud services than checking emails and social media invites.

The report describes the changing environment of Australian homes, the technologies that are affecting it, and its capacity to support new applications and services. We spoke with Colin Griffith, Director of CSIRO’s Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation to get his perspective on what kinds of trends we may see as a result.

Next generation broadband apps to drive a new era of services 

You may have noticed that there has been a lot of discussion about the bandwidth and types of cables required to connect Australian homes for broadband services. While this is…

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